Bioko Black Colobus

Vital Stats

  • Latin Name: Colobus satanas
  • Bioko's Endemic Subspecies: Colobus satanas satanas
  • IUCN Status: Endangered
  • Captive Population: None, according to ISIS.


The black colobus is entirely black with long fingers, back and limbs and a heavy body. It is a quiet monkey, especially compared to the boisterous red colobus. When disturbed, black colobus give a series of soft grunts spaced several seconds apart and then often depart silently. Its spectacular leaps, especially over the edges of cliffs in the Gran Caldera, are truly astonishing. It eats mostly seeds and unripe fruits and lives in the high-canopy forests between southwest Cameroon, Bioko Island, and the Zaire river. On Bioko Island, its characteristic roars are among the most distinctive sounds in the forest.

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