study abroad

The Bioko Island study abroad program is built on a long-term academic partnership between BBPP, Drexel University, and the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE). It combines individual field research projects, coursework, and the opportunity for students to undertake individual service learning projects or internships.


Students split their time between Malabo, the capital city, and Moka, where Drexel has a permanent research station. While in Malabo, students take their classroom-based courses and live in a group house with a Resident Director. In Moka, students undertake field method and research courses, and have the opportunity to experience village life.


For more information on the Bioko Study Abroad Program, please visit Drexel's Study Abroad webpage.

All photos are credited to National Geographic Photographers Tim Laman, Ian Nichols, Joel Sartore, and Christian Ziegler, as well as numerous members of BBPP (staff, students, and volunteers).