senior leadership

Dr. Gail Hearn


Dr. Katy Gonder


Jose Manuel Esara Echube

Dean, UNGE School of Environmental Studies

Dr. Maximilliano Fero Meñé

Vice-Dean, UNGE School of Environmental Studies

Daniela Ascarelli

Assistant Vice Provost for International Programs

Director of Drexel Study Abroad

postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Demetrio Bocuma Meñe

Postdoctoral Researcher /

UNGE - Drexel Liaison /

DSA Instructor

Dr. Hilton Oyamaguchi

Postdoctoral Researcher /

DSA Instructor

Dr. Matthew Mitchell

Postdoctoral Researcher

STUDENTS and Philadelphia staff

Paul Sesink Clee

Ph.D. Candidate

Bryan Featherstone

Ph.D. Student

Steve Miller

Ph.D. Student

Ian Nichols

Ph.D. Student

Dana Venditti

Ph.D. Student

Heidi Rader, M.S.

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Christina Perella

Research Assistant

On-island management and staff

David Montgomery

In-Country Manager /

International Education Manager

Daniel Forrest

Moka Wildlife Center Director

Dana M. Kluchinski

Ureca Nature Center Director & Biological Research Technician

Amancio Motove Etingue

MWC Manager

Abdon Nguere Ndong Menzene

Moaba Camp Manager / Professor

Jenna Beyer

Moraka Camp Manager

Francisco Mitogo Micha

Moaba Camp Assistant Manager /

INDEFOR-AP Eco-guard /

Conservation Educator

Marta Bindang Ona

BBPP Malabo Coordinator /

Conservation Educator

Silvia Moka

Conservation Educator

Antonia Saloman Mum

Conservation Educator

Cirilo Riaco

Biomonitoring Team Manager

Florentino Motove

Marine Turtle Program Coordinator

Juan Cruz Ondo Nze

Moraka Camp Research Manager

Elpidio Buelecope Sepa

Research Assistant /

INDEFOR-AP Eco-guard

Esperanza Etingue

UNC Manager

Epifanio Mualeri

Ecotourism Coordinator

Florencia Pita

BAC Manager

Clara Buatiche King

BAC Coordinator

Fermin Muatiche Murelepe

MWC Guide /

INDEFOR-AP Eco-guard

Reginaldo Aguilar Biacho

Research Associate

Jose Luis Lopez Riaba

Moraka Camp Research Assistant

Monsueto Mualeri

Moaba Camp Research Assistant

Rosa Garnet

BAC Moka Coordinator

Djibrilla Ousman

MWC Watchman

associated Personnel

Dr. Wayne Morra


Arcadia School of Global Business

Rigoberto Esono Anvene

Conservator of the GCSR


Venancio Elonga Molongua



Frida Manuel Bindang Nsue Betebe

Eco-Guard / Corisco Conservator


Dr. David Fernandez

Lecturer and Conservation Biologist

University of the West of England

Dr. Drew T. Cronin

Program Manager

SMART Partnership

All photos seen above are credited to Dr. Wayne Morra; National Geographic Photographers Tim Laman, Ian Nichols, Joel Sartore, and Christian Ziegler; as well as numerous members of BBPP (staff, students, and volunteers).