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In collaboration with Bioko Island's UNGE, Drexel University students have the opportunity to study abroad for three months on the island, while taking classes and completing field work.

Experience BBPP's remote research field camps through comfortable overnight trips aided by local guides, porters, cooks, and camp attendants; hikes; or group visits.

Work with BBPP in the Philadelphia office, located on Drexel University's campus, or on the island in areas such as a postdoctoral researcher, a research assistant, or manager.

We encourage you to read more about Bioko's wildlife and our conservation efforts, and if you are so inclined, to make an individual donation to help us continue our mission and research.

All photos are credited to National Geographic Photographers Tim Laman, Ian Nichols, Joel Sartore, and Christian Ziegler, as well as numerous members of BBPP (staff, students, and volunteers).