Awareness Campaigns

The Drill Project, a conservation initiative in collaboration with the BBPP, was conceived in 2010 by Justin Jay and Shaya Honarvar after they spent months on Bioko Island tracking and filming the drills in their spare time.  They have since begun to prepare for the production of a professional documentary.  By pairing a professional film crew using the latest equipment with seasoned biological researchers, the project will be able to capture never before seen footage and tell the story of the drill to the world in hopes of saving biodiversity and preserving life.
In 2008, National Geographic accompanied the BBPP Gran Caldera Expedition as part of a R.A.V.E. (Rapid Assessment of the Visual Environment).  The resulting National Geographic article was published in both English and Spanish.  Awareness videos in both English and Spanish, were also produced from the images collected during the expedition.  The Spanish-version video was played widely on Equatoguinean television.
  • National Geographic, "Photographers on the Loose"  - Join National Geographic photographers, Tim Laman, Joel Sartore, Ian Nichols, and Christian Ziegler on a video account of their efforts to try to catalog Bioko's biodiversity in a photographic blitz.
BBPP has also held environmental awareness meetings in the villages of Baney, Batoicopa, Riaba and Luba, among other locations, in an effort to stem hunting and show local people that wildlife can have greater long-term value as tourist attraction. Below are some posters the BBPP has produced for a number of awareness campaigns over the years. MINIposters_final_sartoreleatherbackMINICopy of posters_final_sartoresunbirdMINICopy of posters_final_zieglerlinsang           MINIposters_final_lamanchameleonMINICopy of posters_final_lamancalderaawarenessfinalposterflat