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Reclusive Bioko Drill Captured on Film

View the Drill Project trailer to see some incredible glimpses of the Bioko drill in the wild and learn about our new collaborative efforts with The Drill Project.  … Read more

Monkey Populations Declining Rapidly

View our September 2010 report on the conservation status of Bioko's endangered monkeys. Read more

National Geographic features Bioko Island

/ The August 2008 National Geographic magazine highlights Bioko's wildlife and BBPP's work on the island.  Go here to read the article.Read more

BBPP Research Station Open

BBPP has opened the Moka Wildlife Center, a scientific research station and ecotourism destination in the Moka highlands. See pictures and learn more here.… Read more

Primate Hunting Banned in Equatorial Guinea

On October 27, 2007, the government of Equatorial Guinea banned the hunting and consumption of primates, a move likely to dramatically improve the conservation status of endangered monkeys on Bioko Island.
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